What Is A Chain Of Trust And How Does It Work In 2021

chain of trust internet and how it all works

A public key infrastructure offers several security-related services. These Services are based on the proper use of public and private keys. The public component of this key pair is associated with the Public-Key Certificates. A public-key certificate is an important node of the certificate chain. It has signed a statement that is used to establish a relation between identity and public key. This is what we know as Machine Identity. In order to associate identity and the public key, a chain of certificates is used. This certification chain is also…

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Mobile payments change shape in El Salvador where Bitcoin is now legal tender

Mobile payments - Bitcoin - mobile

The country has become the first in the world to classify the cryptocurrency as legal tender. El Salvador has just officially approved a proposal made by President Nayib Bukele to grant legal tender classification to Bitcoin in the country, opening up new mobile payments opportunities in the country. A majority of the country’s lawmakers chose to vote in favor of the initiative earlier this week. The digital and mobile payments move in the country created a new Bitcoin law that formally accepted the cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country.…

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Facial recognition technology requires ethical development, say investors

Facial recognition technology - binary - technology - person's face

A group of 50 investors have launched a push for an improved ethical approach to this tech. A $4.5 trillion investor group led by asset manager Candriam (New York Life subsidiary) have launched a call for companies involved in facial recognition technology development to proceed with improved ethics. Companies around the world have been developing and using the tech for a spectrum of applications. The group is comprised of 50 investors. It is calling on companies such as Facebook (Nasdaq stock symbol FB) and Amazon (Nasdaq stock symbol AMZN) to…

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Baltimore passed a law requiring vacant properties to post QR code signs

QR code signs - rundown building with graffiti

The quick response codes direct a scanner to an info portal about ownership and plans for a building. The city of Baltimore has passed a law requiring QR code signs to be posted on vacant properties. The city currently has around 15,600 vacant properties and a decreasing population. This trend is quite different from other cities on the East Coast. Across the last decade, the population of Baltimore has reduced, making it even more challenging to fill vacancies. As these properties become and remain quite visible, the city has made…

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PayPal mobile wallet transactions are the online leaders

Mobile Wallet - Person paying with phone

They are also gaining ground in-store, where they represent a quarter of phone-based transactions. Mobile wallet transactions had been slow to take off but received a shot in the arm during the pandemic, when consumers looked to contactless payment options. Now, PayPal is leading the way in transactions conducted online and is also gaining ground among in-store shoppers who are looking to their phones to complete their purchases. According to PYMNTS data, PayPal is the leader in virtually every digital payments category. The PayPal mobile wallet is leading the way…

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