New Apple patent highlights potential for NFC technology

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Apple NFC Technology TrendsPatent sheds new light on Apple’s interest in NFC technology

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a new patent application from Apple regarding the use of NFC technology. The patent refers to a project that was launched by Apple in 2008, which had fallen to the wayside until very recently. NFC technology has seen some use in the field of marketing, but the patent application hints to a project that leverages the technology for some purpose involving mobile commerce. NFC has long been a pillar of mobile commerce, but Apple has been somewhat leery of the technology in the past.

Apple continues to shy away from NFC

Before the launch of the iPhone 5, rumors speculated that the next generation smartphone from Apple would include NFC technology. These speculations were largely connected to the fact that Samsung had announced plans for its Galaxy S III smartphone and its use of NFC technology. Apple’s primary interest in NFC technology, at the time, remained in the realm of mobile commerce. When the company released more information concerning the iPhone 5, it announced that the smartphone would have no NFC capabilities. This was due to the security concerns that Apple had regarding the technology.

NFC presents security risks for Apple

From 2008 to 2010, Apple submitted several patent applications concerning NFC initiatives, some of which involved mobile commerce in some way. Many of these patents described systems that would be used for electronic ticketing or the purchasing of products online. Many of these projects have remained in a conceptual stage, however, due to the concerns Apple has regarding mobile security and the exploitation of NFC technology.

Consumers eager for mobile commerce

Despite Apple’s concerns, many iPhone users are very enthusiastic concerning mobile commerce. These consumers are eager to participate in mobile commerce in many ways, but the options available to them are somewhat limited. There are several organizations that have been working on platforms that would allow iPhone users to participate in mobile commerce and the majority of these platforms do not focus on the use of NFC technology in any way.